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A creative writing exercise in which you imagine being Vincent van Gogh and write to your brother Theo about your latest painting.
Activity relating to van Gogh's depiction of his bedroom in Arles.
An analysis of the artist's painting of an Arles garden, including its emotional and symbolic meaning for van Gogh.
An introduction to Beaux's large-scale double-portrait of an adolescent girl teaching her younger sister to dance.
An introduction to Caillebotte's contribution as an artist and art collector and a study of his monumental painting Paris Street; Rainy Day and its likely influence on Georges Seurat.
An analysis of Cezanne's depiction of his wife and an examination of the structure and color of the portrait.
An analysis of Gauguin's portrait as a tribute to artist Paul Cézanne.
Childe Hassam painted numerous views of late nineteenth-century seaside resorts. This entry examines two New England landscapes that offer an opimistic view of the North American tourist landscape...
An analysis of Toulouse-Lautrec's unconventional composition and painting style in his depiction of a Parisian circus.
Learn how Monet challenged the traditional technical and compositional standards of painting in this unconventional beach scene and lay the foundation for the style that would become Impressionism.

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