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A creative writing exercise in which you imagine being Vincent van Gogh and write to your brother Theo about your latest painting.
Activity relating to van Gogh's depiction of his bedroom in Arles.
A fun word search for things in Georges Seurat's large-scale painting of Parisians relaxing in a park on the weekend.
An analysis of the artist's painting of an Arles garden, including its emotional and symbolic meaning for van Gogh.
An in-depth look at the aging artist's large-scale painting of the lily-dappled surface of his Giverny pond.
An in-depth look at the artist's intense portrait of Madame Roulin, the wife of van Gogh's friend, postman Joseph Roulin.
A concise biography about Toulouse-Lautrec's life and work.
A concise biography about Fantin-Latour's life and work.
A concise biography of Cassatt's life and work.
The Art Institute's bust of America is one of twenty-eight produced by Hiram Powers between 1850 and 1873. Its patriotic subject matter and pronounced Graeco-Roman features made it one of...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>America</em> by Hiram Powers

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