Resources related to Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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A concise biography about Renoir's life and work.
An exploration of Renoir's ability to create an aura of fantasy and sensuality.
A description of Renoir's pen and ink illustration for Emile Zola's gritty novel L'Assommoir.
Read how Renoir painted both a scene from modern, everyday life and a portrait of children at work in this 1879 picture of sister acrobats.
A look at Renoir's portrait of fellow Impressionist Alfred Sisley.
An introduction to Renoir's charming and innocent portrayal of sister acrobats in The Cirque Fernando.
An introduction to one of Renoir's harmonious images of bourgeois leisure in suburban Paris.
An introduction to Renoir's casual and thoughtful portrait of friend and artist Alfred Sisley.
An introduction to Renoir's focus on floral still lifes and to his challenging, labor-intensive painting technique.
In this lesson plan, students use two 19th-century paintings of people in leisure settings as inspiration for dramatic presentations.
Suggested Grade Level: 4-6
Lesson Plan: Act it Out

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