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A brief essay focusing on Marion Perkins' Man of Sorrows. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Man of Sorrows</em> by Marion Perkins
A brief essay focusing on Elizabeth Catlett's Sharecropper. Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Sharecropper</em> by Elizabeth Catlett
Sharecropper shows Elizabeth Catlett’s activism on behalf of African American women in the South, who she believed maintained their dignity in the face of great adversity. Includes...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Sharecropper</em> by Elizabeth Catlett
Melanie Herzog, Edgewood College, revisits Elizabeth Catlett’s place in a lively community of socially conscious Chicago artists in the 1940s. Presented with the Terra Foundation for American Art.
Audio Lecture: Elizabeth Catlett—Affiliations in Chicago
Activity ideas to be used with the following works of art: Bloody Massacre; Roof, Summer Night; Tanks #2; Miner Joe; and Sharecropper. Students will...
Classroom or Home Activity: Printmaking Processes—A Description and Activity
In this lesson plan, students will use Elizabeth’s Catlett’s Sharecropper for inspiration to create relief-print portraits.
Suggested Grade Level: 7-12
Lesson Plan: Texture in Relief-Print Portraits
Click on the markers on the map below to see the contexts of various works of African-American art.
Map: African-American Art
Introduce your students to 19th- and 20th-century African American art in the Art Institute's collection from works by Henry Ossawa Tanner to Kerry James Marshall's mural-sized paintings. This manual...
Teacher Manual: African American Art at the Art Institute of Chicago
American Art and Culture: Curriculum Resource Guide presents twenty-five works of art from the collections of the Art Institute. The works are divided chronologically and thematically, but works in...
Teacher Manual: American Art and Culture
Art Access is an online resource for educators, parents, and students that features selected artworks from the Art Institute's collection of African-American art. Historical information, enlargeable...
Website: Art Access: African-American Art

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