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Philadelphia Museum School of Art catalog from 1955–57 featuring a cover photograph by Irving Penn, who attended the school from 1934–38. Page 96 lists credits for the cover plus student work...
Philadelphia Museum School of Art, school catalog 1955–57
Test polaroid showing Irving Penn at a portrait sitting with Dave Cowen (at left) and Julius Irving (at right) for the cover of Sports Illustrated, published October 25, 1976.

Photograph: Irving Penn photographing Dave Cowen and Julius Irving, 1976
Still life advertising phtoograph for Revlon (Ultima II).

Irving Penn Paper Archives, Series IV, Box.FF 151.17.34A.
Photograph: Irving Penn Test Polaroid for Revlon (Ultima II), 1988
Recreation of Penn's Vermeer Still Life, also known as Still Life with Mouse, in a Lord & Taylor store window, c. 1947.

Irving Penn Paper Archives, Series XI, Box....
Photograph: Irving Penn's <em>Vermeer Still Life</em> recreated in a store window
This teacher manual explores issues of identity. The range of portraiture includes an early daguerreotype of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, Impressionist portraits, and portraits by 19th- and...
Teacher Manual: Many Faces: Modern Portraits &amp; Identities
This timeline presents highlights of the life and career of Irving Penn, one of the leading photographers of the 20th century and a technical master of both color and black-and-white photographic...
Timeline: Irving Penn
Irving Penn (1917–2009) was one of the most important and influential photographers of the 20th century. In a career that spanned almost seventy years, Penn worked on professional and artistic...
Website: Irving Penn Archives

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