Resources related to Paul Cézanne

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An analysis of Cezanne's depiction of his wife and an examination of the structure and color of the portrait.
An analysis of Gauguin's portrait as a tribute to artist Paul Cézanne.
The story of the Winterbotham family and Joseph Winterbotham's farsighted gift to the Art Institute's collections of modern and contemporary European art.
A concise biography of Cezanne's life and work.
Art historian T. J. Clark, University of California at Berkeley, looks at the period when Cézanne and Pissarro painted side by side, before differences emerged that constituted a decisive stylistic...
Audio Lecture: Cézanne and Pissarro in the 1870s
An examination of Cezanne's dynamic composition of fruit and objects in this still life from the mid-1890s.
An examination of Cezanne's legendary painting style and working method in this unfinished picture.

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