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Publishing: Ivan Albright, Heavy the Oar to Him Who is Tired, Heavy the Coat, Heavy the Sea, 1929. 1959.12
03. <em>WFMT Chicago Fine Arts Guide</em>. Chicago: November 1960
To render this haunting portrait, Albright used a precise painting technique that encourages viewers to look at all the details that convey Ida's persona, such as clothing, accessories, and setting....
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Into the World There Came A Soul Called Ida</em> by Ivan Albright
Nudd discusses Ivan Albright's uneasy place in the Modern tradition, the compulsive attention to detail that Albright brought to iconic works such as Picture of Dorian Gray and Into the...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Paul Nudd connects with Ivan Albright
This teacher manual explores issues of identity. The range of portraiture includes an early daguerreotype of the abolitionist Frederick Douglass, Impressionist portraits, and portraits by 19th- and...
Teacher Manual: Many Faces: Modern Portraits &amp; Identities
This sketchbook, from Ivan Albright’s early experience as a medical draftsman, shows his deep and ongoing interest in the subject of the decomposition of mortal flesh.
Turning the Pages:  Ivan Albright (American, 1897–1983), <em>Medical Sketchbook</em>, 1918

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