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Publishing: Vasily Kandinsky, Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons), 1913. 1931.511.
03. <em>Cubists and Post-Impressionism</em>, 1919. Chicago: A. C. McClurg &amp; Co., 1919.
The publication of Vasily Kandinsky’s Improvisation No. 30 (Cannons), in the United States in 1919 (shown in Case 2) establishes that the work is in the public domain in the United States....
03. <em>Kandinsky 1901-1913.</em> Berlin: Verlag Der Sturm, 1913.
In this lesson plan, students explore the relationship between music and art.
Suggested Grade Level: 3-5
Estimated Time: One class period
Music is auditory,...
Lesson Plan: Play a Painting
Click on the markers on the map below to see the contexts of various works of Modern and Contemporary art.
Richard Wagner, from Prelude of Lohengrin, first performed 1850. Richard Wagner. Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. Michael Halasz. Naxos, 1992.

Something similar may be noticed in...
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Collector and dealer Richard Feigen has had a long relationship with Chicago and with the history of modern art in the city. In this video, Art Institute curator Sylvain Bellenger talks to Feigen...
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Art Access is an online resource for educators, parents, and students that features selected artworks from the Art Institute's collection of Modern and Contemporary art. Historical information,...
Website: Art Access: Modern and Contemporary Art

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