Resources related to Paul Gauguin

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An analysis of Gauguin's portrait as a tribute to artist Paul Cézanne.
The story of the Winterbotham family and Joseph Winterbotham's farsighted gift to the Art Institute's collections of modern and contemporary European art.
A concise biography about Gauguin's life and work.
Artists Connect is a lecture series in which area artists discuss their own work and works in the collection of the Art Institute. Here, Laura Kina discussed the productive conflict that results from...
Audio Lecture: Laura Kina Connects with Gauguin
Learn how Gauguin used his memory and imagination in his painting of four women hurrying through a garden in Arles.
An examination of Gauguin's painting, created from memory, of a Tahitian beach scene rich with references to Polynesian religion.
An exploration of Gauguin's enigmatic portrait and its possible Christian references and personal meaning to the artist.

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