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A concise biography of Courbet's life and work.
Andreas Fischer looks closely at works by Gustave Courbet, noting the consummate skill with which the painter explored the expressive properties of his medium. Andreas also describes the process by...
Audio Lecture: Andreas Fischer Connects with Courbet
Click on the colored areas or the markers on the map below to see the contexts of various works of Rococo, Baroque, and Realist art.
Map: Rococo to Realism
An overview of Courbet's artistic style and career and an introduction to his rugged landscape of a mountainous gorge.
Introduce your students to the Art Institute's celebrated collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art. This manual discusses the historical and social milieu of this revolutionary movement...
Teacher Manual: Impressionism, Post-Impressionism
Art Access is an online resource for educators, parents, and students that features selected artworks from the Art Institute's collection of art from Rococo to Realism. Historical information,...
Website: Art Access: Rococo to Realism

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