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Publishing: Camille Pissarro, The Crystal Palace, 1871. 1972.1164.
01. Charles Louis Borgmeyer, <em>The Master Impressionists</em>. Chicago: The Fine Arts Press, 1913.
A concise biography about Pissarro's life and work.
Art historian T. J. Clark, University of California at Berkeley, looks at the period when Cézanne and Pissarro painted side by side, before differences emerged that constituted a decisive stylistic...
Audio Lecture: Cézanne and Pissarro in the 1870s
Discussion questions and activities relating to Pissarro's 1871 painting of London's Crystal Palace, an iron and glass architectural wonder built in 1851.
A look at the modernization of Paris in the 1860s and the efforts by a group of artists, later known as the Impressionists, to capture the changing world around them.
Share a quiet moment with this domestic servant and child as they rest near a well in the rustic community of Eragny, France.
Learn how Pissarro balanced an enormous architectural wonder with modest, middle-class housing in his 1871 landscape of a London suburb.
An exploration of Pissarro's painting of a young peasant woman, with emphasis on the artist's use of brushstroke and color.
An overview of the late phase of Camille Pissarro's career, with an examination of his paintings The Place du Havre, Paris, Haying Time, and Eragny, a Rainy Day in June.
A description of the Crystal Palace and an analysis of Pissarro's painting of the architectural marvel.

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