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Artwork Resource Packet: Bedcover Made from Cigar or Tobacco Rectangles Known as "Top Sheets" by Theresa Zett Smith
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This striking quilt was made with pieces of fabric called "top sheets" used to line cigar and tobacco boxes. These top sheets include 108 colorful designs and pictures, including flags from around...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Bedcover Made from Cigar or Tobacco Rectangles Known as "Top Sheets"</em> by Theresa Zett Smith
Teacher Manual: Hero, Hawk, and Open Hand: American Indian Art of the Ancient Midwest and South
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This teacher resource explores the art, culture, history, and geography of pre-Columbian Native American societies in what is now the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States, between 3000 B...
Teacher Manual: Hero, Hawk, and Open Hand: American Indian Art of the Ancient Midwest and South
Classroom Activity: Hero Construction by Richard Hunt
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Includes discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions.
Classroom Activity: <em>Hero Construction</em> by Richard Hunt
Essay: Whirligig, entitled "America" by Frank Memkus
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This essay examines Whirligigs which are wind-powered mechanisms created solely for amusement and first appeared in the American colonies during Revolutionary times. America by Frank Memkus...
Essay: <em>Whirligig, entitled "America"</em> by Frank Memkus
Essay: Cabinet by Herter Brothers
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A brief essay focusing on a cabinet created by Herter Brothers of New York. This cabinet represents art furniture produced in the late 19th century as an alternative to the machine-made furniture...
Essay: <em>Cabinet</em> by Herter Brothers
Artwork Resource Packet: Many Mansions by Kerry James Marshall
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In Many Mansions, our eyes are first drawn to the sign above the colorful flower garden, announcing the eight towers of Chicago 's Stateway Gardens projects seen in the distance. Kerry James...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Many Mansions</em> by Kerry James Marshall
Artwork and Artist Information: Roof, Summer Night by John Sloan
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Roof, Summer Night is at once harsh and charming; the heat of the summer evening and economic hardship are softened by the roof dwellers' resourcefulness and acceptance of the situation....
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Roof, Summer Night</em> by John Sloan
Artwork and Artist Information: Circular Medallion by Louis Sullivan
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This circular medallion, from an elevator enclosure grille from the Schlesinger and Mayer store (Carson Pirie Scott) in Chicago, is composed of a central cross from which four flat shields radiate,...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Circular Medallion</em> by Louis Sullivan
Artwork and Artist Information: Trolley, New Orleans by Robert Frank
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The composition of Trolley, New Orleans is striking and orderly with the trolley windows framing individual pictures within the photo itself. Moreover, it is a powerful documentation of Jim...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Trolley, New Orleans</em> by Robert Frank
Artwork and Artist Information: Tanks #2 by Louis Lozowick
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Louis Lozowick celebrates the clean, crisp beauty of New York's buildings, bridges, and industry and elevated the graphic images of the modern city to new moral and aesthetic dimensions. Includes...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Tanks #2</em> by Louis Lozowick

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