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Overview: Monet's House at Argenteuil
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An overview of Monet's success in the early 1870s and a look at the artist's sunny depiction of his family at home in the garden.
Introduction: Degas' Uncle and Niece
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An introduction to Degas's penetrating double portrait of his young cousin Lucie and her uncle Henri, brought together under difficult circumstances.
Overview: Cassatt's Career and Artistic Style
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Quick facts about the artist and her tender painting of a woman bathing a child.
Overview: Cassatt's The Child Bath
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An introduction to Cassatt's tender painting of the nurturing and trusting relationship between a woman and child.
Overview: Vallotton's Career and Portraiture
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An introduction to the Nabis artist's portrait of his wife and her niece, known to have been based on a photograph.
Activity: A Tender Moment
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An introduction for young readers to Mary Cassatt's The Child's Bath, 1893. Explore the tender moment between the woman and child and hunt for patterns in this painting inspired by Japanese prints.
Edgar Degas's Uncle and Niece (Henri de Gas and His Niece Lucie de Gas), 1875-78
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Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Degas's sensitive double portrait of grieving relatives.
Examination: Degas's Uncle and Niece
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A look at how Degas's portrait of his Italian relatives speaks of both the fragility and strength of family.
Examination: Monet's House at Argenteuil
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A look at Monet's joyous, Impressionist depiction of his family enjoying the private garden of their rented home in Argenteuil.
Artwork Resource Packet: Thanksgiving by Doris Lee
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Celebrating the joys of family ties, this composition by Doris Lee shows a bustling group of women and children preparing the annual feast in a traditional rural kitchen. This teaching packet...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Thanksgiving</em> by Doris Lee

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