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Examination: Rodin's Adam
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An exploration of Rodin's ability to convey physical and emotional torment in his towering sculpture of Adam.
Introduction: Monet's London Series
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An introduction to Monet's large group of paintings of the Thames River in London, completed between 1900 and 1903.
Artist Biography: Auguste Rodin
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A concise biography about Rodin's life and work.
Poem: "The Walking Man of Rodin" by Carl Sandburg
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A poem inspired by Auguste Rodin's The Walking Man, c. 1900.
Examination: Rodin's Development of The Walking Man
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Learn how Rodin's The Walking Man, a major achievement in the history of modern sculpture, developed over a period of more than twenty years.
Introduction: Whistler's Self Portrait
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An introduction to Whistler's delicate self-portrait.
Overview: Gauguin's Belief in the "Art of Abstraction"
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An overview of Gauguin's imaginative, decorative painting of women caught in violent winds in an Arles park.
Introduction: Sargent's Watercolor Techniques in Workmen at Carrara
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An introduction to Sargent's European painting expeditions and to his late watercolor of quarrymen in the city known for its marble.
Introduction: Renoir's Portrait of Alfred Sisley
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An introduction to Renoir's casual and thoughtful portrait of friend and artist Alfred Sisley.
Introduction: Monet's Mediterranean Landscapes
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An overview of Monet's brilliant landscape, painted with a "palette of diamonds and precious stones," of a resort town just over the Italian border.

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