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Essay: Whirligig, entitled "America" by Frank Memkus
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This essay examines Whirligigs which are wind-powered mechanisms created solely for amusement and first appeared in the American colonies during Revolutionary times. America by Frank Memkus...
Essay: <em>Whirligig, entitled "America"</em> by Frank Memkus
Essay: Bureau Table attributed to John Townsend
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Among a colonial family's most costly possessions were textiles, silver, and furniture, such as this Bureau Table, attributed to John Townsend. This brief essay discusses the simplicity of...
Essay: <em>Bureau Table</em> attributed to John Townsend
Essay: Jazz Bowl by Viktor Schreckengost
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This brief essay focuses on Jazz Bowl which has etched images that capture the sights and sounds of New York City nightlife. Looking at the images can be compared to strolling through the...
Essay: <em>Jazz Bowl</em> by Viktor Schreckengost
Essay: Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth by martin Johnson Heade
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A brief essay focusing on Martin Johnson Heade's Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth which celebrates the sensory appeal of flowers and fabric while also presenting a particular species of...
Essay: <em>Magnolias on Light Blue Velvet Cloth</em> by martin Johnson Heade
Essay: Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene) by John Singleton Copley
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A brief essay focusing on the painting Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene) which is one of approximately 300 portraits of American colonists—primarily wealthy and influential Bostonians—that...
Essay: <em>Mrs. Daniel Hubbard (Mary Greene)</em> by John Singleton Copley
Essay: Ceres by John Bradley Storrs
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This brief essay focuses on the Art Institute's Ceres which depicts the figure of a woman standing tall and erect with her arms held lose to her body, wearing a long flowing robe and a...
Essay: <em>Ceres</em> by John Bradley Storrs
Essay: View of Cotopaxi by Frederic Edwin Church
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This essay examines the painting View of Cotopaxi in which Frederic Edwin Church depicted the lush vegetation, waterfall, and hills leading up to the distant peak. He combines the precise...
Essay: <em>View of Cotopaxi</em> by Frederic Edwin Church
Essay: General Andrew Jackson by William Rush
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A brief essay about William Rush's sculpture of General Andrew Jackson. Rush is considered one of America's first sculptors, and the Art Institute's General Andrew Jackson documents the rise...
Essay: <em>General Andrew Jackson</em> by William Rush
Essay: Machinist and Machinist's Apprentice by Emma Stebbins
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This brief essay focuses on the contemporary subject matter of Machinist and Machinist's Apprentice which reflects the rise of American industry in the North. Viewed together, these...
Essay: <em>Machinist</em> and <em>Machinist's Apprentice</em> by Emma Stebbins
Essay: The Room No. VI by Eldizier Cortor
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This essay examines The Room No VI by Eldizier Cortor who exhibits a distinctive style that is both realistic and dreamlike. With the dramatic cropping and the artist's striking use of...
Essay: <em>The Room No. VI</em> by Eldizier Cortor

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