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Artwork and Artist Information: Screamin' Jay Hawkins by Karl Wirsum
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Screamin' Jay Hawkins is a vibrantly colored image of the well-known rhythm-and-blues performer of the same name. Artist Karl Wirsum, whose works are characterized by flat areas of bold...
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Screamin' Jay Hawkins</em> by Karl Wirsum
Edgar Degas's Uncle and Niece (Henri de Gas and His Niece Lucie de Gas), 1875-78
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Discussion questions and activities for home and classroom about Degas's sensitive double portrait of grieving relatives.
Artwork Resource Packet: Bedcover Made from Cigar or Tobacco Rectangles Known as "Top Sheets" by Theresa Zett Smith
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This striking quilt was made with pieces of fabric called "top sheets" used to line cigar and tobacco boxes. These top sheets include 108 colorful designs and pictures, including flags from around...
Artwork Resource Packet: <em>Bedcover Made from Cigar or Tobacco Rectangles Known as "Top Sheets"</em> by Theresa Zett Smith
Artwork and Artist Information: Portrait Mask of a Woman (Ndoma)
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The idealized human face is a subject of special attention for Baule sculptors. Among the most highly regarded Baule art forms are stylized portrait masks, such as this one, called ndoma....
Artwork and Artist Information: <em>Portrait Mask of a Woman (Ndoma)</em>
Monet's Water Garden
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Learn about Monet's conception and design of his Giverny water garden. Analyze his painting Water Lily Pool, 1900 and try your hand at writing a haiku and designing your own water garden.
Claude Monet's Iris, 1922/26
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Discussion questions and activities for Monet's Post-Impressionist painting that borders on abstraction.
Analysis: Monet's Iris
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An in-depth look at the aging artist's large-scale painting of the lily-dappled surface of his Giverny pond.
Essay: Hanging Head Dragonfly Shade on Mosaic and Turtleback Base Made by Tiffany Studios
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In a career that spanned nearly fifty years, Louis Comfort Tiffany expanded and elevated decorative arts in America. He utilized all media—decorative arts, architecture, painting, and sculpture—to...
Essay: <em>Hanging Head Dragonfly Shade on Mosaic and Turtleback Base</em> Made by Tiffany Studios
Overview: Monet's Paintings of Wheat Stacks
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Quick facts about Monet's series of paintings of wheatstacks.
Examination: Monet's Wheatstacks
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An overview of Monet's Wheatstack paintings, including an exploration of the artist's objectives and production.

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