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Learn about the composition of this large-scale urban scene and get some pointers on talking about the painting with children.
Video: Teaching Example of Caillebotte and the Streets of Paris
Learn about van Gogh's painting of the municipal garden near his home, and his intentions for both the painting and his time with the visiting artist, Paul Gauguin.
Video: Van Gogh and Gauguin, <em>The Garden</em>
A look at one of Renoir's characteristic portraits of elegant society women.
Video: Renoir's Society Portraits
Lou Mallozzi visits the Art Institute of Chicago to discuss a few of his sound installations.
Step into the light-filled scene that Tanner depicted and learn about the artist's upbringing and career.
Video: Tanner's <em>The Two Disciples at the Tomb</em>
Journey to Redon's rich pastel sky and learn why Sita has thrown her jewels to earth.
Video: Redon's <em>Sita</em>
Take a tour of Gauguin's exotic and symbolic Tahitian landscape.
Video: Gauguin's <em>Day of the God (Mahana no Atua)</em>
Ellsworth Kelly's White Curve was conceived specifically for the Modern Wing's new Pritzker Garden. Made of painted aluminum and 54 feet in length, this monumental sculpture is the largest...
Explore Moreau's dramatic painting about Hercules' second labor with the deadly hydra.
Video: The Mythology of Moreau's <em>Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra</em>
Video: Degas's The Millinery Shop
Video: Degas's <em>The Millinery Shop</em>

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