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Learn about Caillebotte's financial and emotional support of fellow artists and his bequest of his art collection to go, upon his death, to the French state.
Video: Caillebotte as Supporter of the Arts
An introduction to Cassatt's series of prints, inspired by Japanese woodblock prints, of scenes from a woman's daily life.
Video: Cassatt and Printmaking
Meet the elegant Mrs. Swinton and take a close look at the artist's skilled brushwork.
Video: Sargent's Portrait of Mrs. George Swinton
Learn how Moreau took subjects from classical mythology and presented them in a new pictorial language.
Video: Moreau, Where the Past meets Present
Explore Hodler's painting of his friend and watch what happens when the image is split in half!
Video: Hodler's Portrait of James Vibert
Learn about van Gogh's painting of the municipal garden near his home, and his intentions for both the painting and his time with the visiting artist, Paul Gauguin.
Video: Van Gogh and Gauguin, <em>The Garden</em>
A look at one of Renoir's characteristic portraits of elegant society women.
Video: Renoir's Society Portraits
Lou Mallozzi visits the Art Institute of Chicago to discuss a few of his sound installations.
Step into the light-filled scene that Tanner depicted and learn about the artist's upbringing and career.
Video: Tanner's <em>The Two Disciples at the Tomb</em>
Journey to Redon's rich pastel sky and learn why Sita has thrown her jewels to earth.
Video: Redon's <em>Sita</em>

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