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Construction of the Modern Wing began in May 2005. Watch the building take shape in this time-lapsed video.
Video: Art Institute Modern Wing Construction
Jim Cuno, director and president of the Art Institute of Chicago, describes the Modern Wing galleries.
Video: Art Institute Director Introduces the Modern Wing
Historian Natalie Zemon Davis, currently an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and best known for her book The Return of Martin Guerre, has been a pioneer in the field of social...
Video: Mediterranean Crossings—The Quest of "Leo Africanus"
Exhibition curator Judy Barter discusses the history of the Arts and Crafts movement and provides an overview of the exhibition Apostles of Beauty: Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago.
Video: Overview of <em>Apostles of Beauty</em>
James Cuno, president and director of the Art Institute, introduces some of the public spaces in the new Modern Wing. Terzo Piano, the museum's new restaurant, the Nichols Bridgeway, and the Bluhm...
Video: Public Spaces in the Modern Wing
Artist Chuck Close discusses his life, art, and the creative process with biographer Christopher Finch.
Video Lecture: Chuck Close, part 2
Learn these tips and techniques that help young visitors make the most of their museum visit and enriches their encounters with art, both in the museum and at home!
Video: How to Engage Your Children in Art (Cómo Hacer Participar a sus Hijos en el Arte)
Sovetskoe iskusstvo 5 (1941), 1.05 min.
Soiuzkinozhurnal (1942), 2.15 min.
Video: Newsreel Broadcasts about the TASS Studio, 1941-42
Draftsman Takeshi Arita and assistants install Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #1111: Circle with broken bands of color, 2003, in the Modern Wing's Griffin Court for the exhibition Contemporary...
Video: <em>Wall Drawing #1111</em> by Sol LeWitt
Learn how to navigate the galleries and where to find everything from information on works of art to wheelchair accessibility. Learn about museum restaurants, art-making activities for families, and...
Video: When You Arrive (Al Llegar)

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