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Video: The Making of Okura Jiro's Mountain Lake Tachi Screen Series
Watch as Henri Matisse’s masterpiece Bathers by a River is moved to its new home in the Modern Wing.
Related Story: WATCH Henri Matisse’s <em>Bathers by a River</em> Installed in the Modern Wing
Construction of the Modern Wing began in May 2005. Watch the building take shape in this time-lapsed video.
Video: Art Institute Modern Wing Construction
Jim Cuno, director and president of the Art Institute of Chicago, describes the Modern Wing galleries.
Video: Art Institute Director Introduces the Modern Wing
Historian Natalie Zemon Davis, currently an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and best known for her book The Return of Martin Guerre, has been a pioneer in the field of social...
Video: Mediterranean Crossings—The Quest of "Leo Africanus"
Hold on tight as you join this practice session at a Parisian circus.
Video: Toulouse-Lautrec's <em>At the Circus: Work in the Ring</em>
An introduction to Renoir's desire to paint sunny, optimistic scenes of modern life.
Video: Renoir, Staying on the Sunny Side
The Modern Wing contains two galleries devoted exclusively to the work of Robert Gober. Watch as the works Untitled (1994-95) and Untitled (1989-96) are installed in the Art...
Consider the moral dualities presented in this mythological painting and the interpretation of Hercules as a struggling France.
Video: Moreau's <em>Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra</em>

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