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Tour Renoir's painting of two girls on a restaurant terrace and learn about the artist's use of color and brushwork.
Video: Renoir's <em>Two Sisters (On the Terrace)</em>
A look at Renoir's ability to create the illusion of a moment in time in paint.
Video: Renoir, Capturing Moments in Time
An introduction to Renoir's desire to paint sunny, optimistic scenes of modern life.
Video: Renoir, Staying on the Sunny Side
Learn why Monet's painting, On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt, is a pivotal work in the history of art.
Video: Monet's <em>On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt</em>
Janet Stephens, a trained hairdresser and experimental archaeologist, discusses the history of ancient hairdressing and, using live models, recreates authentic Roman hairstyles similar to those...
Video: Lecture and Demonstration—Ancient Roman Hairdressing
Here, the artist demonstrates how Homer would have created the yellow wildflowers seen in North Woods Club, Adirondacks (The Interrupted Tete-a-Tete) by wetting and scraping away green...
Video Demonstration: Rewetting and Scraping
Meet the sister acrobats as they gather oranges from the appreciative crowd after their performance.
Video: Renoir's Circus Acrobats
Put on your coat and tour this wintry Connecticut landscape.
Video: Twachtman's <em>Icebound</em>
Meet the elegant Mrs. Swinton and take a close look at the artist's skilled brushwork.
Video: Sargent's Portrait of Mrs. George Swinton
When conservator Faye Wrubel examined Caillebotte's masterpiece Paris Street; Rainy Day in the Art Institute's conservation studio after it had traveled from Paris to New York and back to...
Video: A Thousand and One Swabs—The Transformation of <em>Paris Street; Rainy Day</em>

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