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Ian Wallace is one of the pioneering forces behind Vancouver's conceptual art scene. Wallace taught art history at the University of British Columbia, Jeff Wall's alma mater, and the Vancouver School...
Audio Lecture: Ian Wallace Lecture on Jeff Wall
Architecture and urban design historian Thomas Hines discusses modernism, rationalism, and expressionism in the works of Richard Neutra and Lloyd Wright.
Audio Lecture: The Other Hollywood--Modern Architecture and the Los Angeles Film Community
One of the most important photographers of the 20th century, Harry Callahan holds particular significance for Chicago, where he made some of his most influential work.
Audio Lecture: Harry Callahan Exhibition
A conversation between artist Mel Bochner and scholar James Meyer recorded on opening night of Mel Bochner: Language 1966-2006. This Focus series exhibition brought together more than 50...
Audio Lecture: Mel Bochner, with James Meyer
In celebration of the 400th birthday anniversary of Rembrandt, art historian Stephanie Dickey describes the young genius's grappling with the art of the past, his irreverent sense of humor, and his...
Audio Lecture: Breaking Away: How Rembrandt Became an Original Artist
Sheila Canby, curator of Islamic Art at the British Museum, discusses landmark structures built for the Shia Safavid dynasty.
Audio Lecture: Sufis, Shi'ites, and Shahs: The Great Shrines of Iran, 1500-1650
Richard Longworth, Senior Fellow, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Fellow and award-winning Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent, cites research and analysis from his recent book.
Audio Lecture: Chicago and Globalization—Caught in the Middle
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet C. K. Williams, Princeton University, comments on the Art Institute's 360 degrees: Art beyond Borders theme and reads some of his most recent poems. Williams has authored...
Audio Lecture: Reading and Commentary: Art and Literature
Yuka Kadoi, Art Institute of Chicago curator and chair of the symposium "Arthur Pope and a New Survey of Persian Art," spoke about Arthur Pope and later Persian art.
Audio Lecture: Yuka Kadoi on Arthur Pope and Later Persian Art
Douglas Druick, Art Institute of Chicago, discussed "From Public to Private: Drawing in France, 1850–1900." The symposium "The Gray Collection—A Particular Eye" was hosted by Suzanne McCullagh, Anne...
Audio Lecture: From Public to Private: Drawing in France, 1850-1900

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