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Bernard O'Kane, American University, Cairo, spoke on Arthur Pope and Persian architecture as a part of the symposium "Arthur Pope and and New Survey of Persian Art."
Audio Lecture: Bernard O'Kane on Persian Architecture
Jonathan Bloom, Boston College, discussed the life and times of Arthur Pope. He was introduced by Art Institute curator and "Arthur Pope and a New Survey of Persian Art" symposium chair Yuka Kadoi.
Audio Lecture: Jonathan Bloom on the Life and Times of Arthur Pope
Sheila Blair, Boston College, discussed the future of Persian art studies. She was introduced by Art Institute curator and "Arthur Pope and a New Survey of Persian Art" symposium chair Yuka Kadoi.
Audio Lecture: Sheila Blair on the Future of Persian Art Studies
Richard Neer, University of Chicago, spoke on "Poussin, Drawing, and the Antique." The symposium "The Gray Collection—A Particular Eye" was hosted by Suzanne McCullagh, Anne Vogt Fuller and Marion...
Audio Lecture: Poussin, Drawing, and the Antique
Bringing together leading international thinkers on Bochner's work, this one-day academic symposium addresses Bochner's ideas about the complex and occasionally contradictory interactions between...
Audio Lecture: Mel Bochner Symposium, Panel I: Language (Moderated Discussion)
The curator of the exhibition Drawings in Dialogue: Old Master through Modern discusses how this extraordinary collection of richly varied drawings came together, and highlights some of the...
Audio Lecture: Curator's Talk: Drawings in Dialogue
The creation of Pakistan in 1947 offered the nascent state a new cultural and political beginning. By the 1980s Pakistani artists were exhibiting installations as creative and cutting-edge as any in...
Audio Lecture: Sixty Years of Art in Pakistan
Mario Ybarra, Jr. is a visual and performance artist, educator, and activist. Hear him discuss his Focus exhibition Take Me Out...No Man Is an Island.
Audio Lecture: Mario Ybarra, Jr.
Paola Cabal is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute and a recent recipient of the prestigious Richard H. Driehaus Award for emerging artists. For Artists Connect, Paola discusses the...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Paola Cabal Connects with Vija Celmins
The photography of Angela Strassheim reveals how the experience of growing up in a religious family or being female in America can profoundly influence experience. This lecture was presented in...
Audio Lecture: Angela Strassheim

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