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Internationally noted scholar Barbara Blackmun, Mesa College, San Diego, draws on her field research and years of study of the Benin cultural heritage to review narrative and ritual sources for the...
Audio Lecture: On Benin Art of the Courts
Artists Connect is a lecture series in which area artists discuss their own work and works in the collection of the Art Institute. Here, Laura Kina discussed the productive conflict that results from...
Audio Lecture: Laura Kina Connects with Gauguin
Guy Delmarcel from the University of Louvain provides an introduction to the exhibition The Divine Art: Four Centuries of European Tapestries.
Audio Lecture: <em>The Divine Art</em> Exhibition Viewing and Overview
Jerry Fielder, Director and Curator of the Estate of Yousuf Karsh, discusses his personal, twenty-five year association with Karsh, reviewing his history, his family, the influence of his mentors,...
Audio Lecture: A Personal View of Karsh's Life and Work
Joan Arenberg moderates a panel discussion with collector Curt Conklin, artist and critic Michelle Grabner, and gallerist Rowley Kennerk that explores the relationship between artists, art dealers,...
Audio Lecture: Is There an Art to Art Collecting?
Suzanne McCullagh, Anne Vogt Fullert and Marion Titus Searle Curator of Earlier Prints and Drawings, hosts the symposium on Italian Drawings. She begins by reading this manuscript submitted by...
Audio Lecture: Behind and Beyond the Self-Portrait: Andrea Mantegna between Reality and Fantasy
Roman commentaries on triumphal processions suggest that the gaze of the audience was perilously hard to control. Dr. Mary Beard, University of Cambridge, England, offers a new perspective by...
Audio Lecture: The Other Side of Conquest—Prisoners and Victims in the Roman Triumph
Elizabeth Cleland from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York provides an introduction to the exhibition The Divine Art: Four Centuries of European Tapestries.
Audio Lecture: Rethinking a Masterpiece: The Resurrection from the Allegory of the Redemption of Man
Laura Giles, Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Princeton University Art Museum, speaks on the draughtman's transformation of nature into art.
Audio Lecture: Transforming the Model: Between Nature and Fantasy in Gianlorenzo Bernini's Academic Nudes
Scholar Mary Beard from the University of Cambridge, professor and author of The Roman Triumph, reflects on the global character of the Roman Empire. Karen Manchester, chair of the...
Audio Lecture: Urbs et Orbs—The City and the World in the Roman Triumph

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