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This lecture, in conjunction with the exhibition Playing with Pictures: The Art of Victorian Photocollage, explores the ways Victorians viewed photocollage albums and reconciled the visually...
Audio Lecture: Apart at the Seams: Looking at Victorian Photocollage
Chicago architect John Ronan discusses his own work in relation to that of Brice Marden, American Minimalist painter.
Audio Lecture: John Ronan Connects with Brice Marden
Matt Keegan discusses his previous works that relate to the site-specific installation in the exhibition Exposure which grew out of the artist’s longstanding fascination with cities and...
Audio Lecture: Exposure—Matt Keegan
Heather Rasmussen recreates international shipping containers in miniature, crafting them by hand from colored cardstock which she then damages, arranges, and photographs in order to address the...
Audio Lecture: Exposure—Heather Rasmussen
Curator Suzanne McCullagh selected highlights from Capturing the Sublime: Italian Drawings of the Renaissance
and Baroque
to demonstrate how artists find inspiration in earlier masters...
Audio Lecture: Artists Looking at Each Other—How Drawings Betray Their Sources
Aron Gent creates large format photographs of people, exploring their relationships and their self-identity. For this Artists Connect lecture, he examines his own often intimate work in relation to...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect—Aron Gent Connects with Larry Sultan
Roy Perkinson, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, finds that truth can be elusive in the process of restoring Old Master prints. Artwork: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Abraham's Sacrifice, 1655...
Audio Lecture: What You See is Not What You Get—Deceptive Restorations and Alterations in Old Master Prints
Molly Faries, Indiana University, reviews recent studies on old master paintings made possible by new infrared reflectograms and other technologies.
Audio Lecture: Painting Forensics: Investigating Northern Renaissance Art
Pierre Boulez, universally acclaimed composer and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Conductor Emeritus, reflects on the high notes of modernism with CSO program annotator Phillip Huscher.  Presented...
Audio Lecture: Conversation with Maestro Boulez
This engaging day devoted to Pop and Conceptual artist Ed Ruscha, which kicked off the exhibition Ed Ruscha and Photography, revealed his important and widespread contributions to art of the...
Audio Lecture: Closing Conversation with Ed Ruscha

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