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One of the most important photographers of the 20th century, Harry Callahan holds particular significance for Chicago, where he made some of his most influential work.
Audio Lecture: Harry Callahan Exhibition
Martina Nehrling makes colorful paintings that pulse with an interior rhythm. She says, "When I paint I am sounding out elements of my everyday life, and I am captivated by the richly textured...
Audio Lecture: Martina Nehrling Connects with Vuillard
Bringing together leading international thinkers on Bochner's work, this one-day academic symposium addresses Bochner's ideas about the complex and occasionally contradictory interactions between...
Audio Lecture: Mel Bochner Symposium, Panel I: Language (Jeffrey Thompson)
David Nirenberg, professor of medieval history and social thought at the University of Chicago, discusses the historical interactions and tensions among the three major monotheistic religions.
Audio Lecture: Sibling Rivalries and Global Monotheisms—Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Tomaz Salamun, renowned Slovenian poet, reads from his works, which reflects the postwar struggles of Eastern Europe.
Audio Lecture: Reading: Tomaz Salamun
Recent research on The Scream and Madonna are reviewed by Ingebjorg Ydstie, director of the Munch Museum in Oslo. This lecture event marks the opening of Becoming Edvard Munch: Influence, Anxiety...
Audio Lecture: The Mysteries of Munch's Working Methods
Erin Hogan, art historian and Director of Public Affairs at the Art Institute of Chicago, introduces her new book Spiral Jetta: A Road Trip through the Land Art of the American West. Driving...
Audio Lecture: <em>Spiral Jetta</em> by Erin Hogan
David Ekserdjian, Professor of Art History at the University of Leicester, speaks on the draughtman's transformation of nature into art.
Audio Lecture: Drawing into Painting: Creating the "Fantasia" in the Cappella di Eleonora di Toledo
Thomas Gaeghtens, current director of the Getty Research Institute and recent director of the German Center for the History of Art, Paris, reflects on Berlin's encyclopedic National Museums and their...
Audio Lecture: Challenging the Encyclopedic Museum—Berlin's Museum Island
James Cuno, president and director of the Art Institute of Chicago, launches the season 360 Degrees: Art beyond Borders with a broad and careful definition of the role of encyclopedic art museums in...
Audio Lecture: Season Preview—The Promise of Encyclopedic Museums

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