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Pate Conaway is a graduate of both Columbia College Chicago and the Second City Training Program. Collaborations with the Rachel Germond Dance Ensemble and The Seldoms demonstrate the importance of...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Pate Conaway Connects with René Magritte
Sarah Hobbs's carefully staged and photographed scenarios reflect a profound--even empathetic--understanding of phobias, neuroses, and obsessions. Hear the artist discuss her work, which was part of...
Audio Lecture: Sarah Hobbs
Francisco Aragon, Brenda Cardenas, Blas Falconer, and Gina Franco read recent writings and comment on their work.
Audio Lecture: Reading: Four Notable Latino Poets
Conservator Judith Walsh, Buffalo State-SUNY, considers how Homer's fresh, spontaneous-looking works often are the result of careful study and deliberate planning.
Audio Lecture: Winslow Homer and the Color Theories of M.E. Chevereul
Bruce Boucher, Curator of Sculpture, Medieval to Modern European Paintings and Sculpture, presents a lecture focusing on highlighted treasures in the Art Institute permanent collections.
Audio Lecture: Encyclopedic Museums—Cabinets of Curiosity
Scholar Mary Beard from the University of Cambridge, professor and author of The Roman Triumph, reflects on the global character of the Roman Empire. Karen Manchester, chair of the...
Audio Lecture: Urbs et Orbs—The City and the World in the Roman Triumph
Laura Giles, Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Princeton University Art Museum, speaks on the draughtman's transformation of nature into art.
Audio Lecture: Transforming the Model: Between Nature and Fantasy in Gianlorenzo Bernini's Academic Nudes
Elizabeth Cleland from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York provides an introduction to the exhibition The Divine Art: Four Centuries of European Tapestries.
Audio Lecture: Rethinking a Masterpiece: The Resurrection from the Allegory of the Redemption of Man
Roman commentaries on triumphal processions suggest that the gaze of the audience was perilously hard to control. Dr. Mary Beard, University of Cambridge, England, offers a new perspective by...
Audio Lecture: The Other Side of Conquest—Prisoners and Victims in the Roman Triumph
David Ekserdjian, Professor of Art History at the University of Leicester, speaks on the draughtman's transformation of nature into art.
Audio Lecture: Drawing into Painting: Creating the "Fantasia" in the Cappella di Eleonora di Toledo

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