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Molly Faries, Indiana University, reviews recent studies on old master paintings made possible by new infrared reflectograms and other technologies.
Audio Lecture: Painting Forensics: Investigating Northern Renaissance Art
The exhibition Jasper Johns: Gray examines for the first time this acclaimed and influential artist's use of the color gray in paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings from 1955 to the...
Audio Lecture: Jasper Johns--In the Gray Zone between What Can and Cannot Be Measured
Marjorie Perloff, renowned literary critic and professor of humanities at Stanford University, examines the interrelation between the works of Jasper Johns, poet Frank O'Hara, and composer John Cage.
Audio Lecture: Avoid a Polar Situation: Johns, Cage, and O'Hara in the Sixties
Artist Jana Gunstheimer's semi-fictional organization Nova Porta proposes to offer "People without Social Function" an opportunity to find purpose through group cohesion and rigid hierarchy. Listen...
Audio Lecture: Jana Gunstheimer
Francisco Aragon, Brenda Cardenas, Blas Falconer, and Gina Franco read recent writings and comment on their work.
Audio Lecture: Reading: Four Notable Latino Poets
Conservator Judith Walsh, Buffalo State-SUNY, considers how Homer's fresh, spontaneous-looking works often are the result of careful study and deliberate planning.
Audio Lecture: Winslow Homer and the Color Theories of M.E. Chevereul
Sarah Hobbs's carefully staged and photographed scenarios reflect a profound--even empathetic--understanding of phobias, neuroses, and obsessions. Hear the artist discuss her work, which was part of...
Audio Lecture: Sarah Hobbs
Deb Sokolow works on a large scale with a precise attention to detail, using "low-tech" materials such as number two pencils, ballpoint pens, and correction fluid. Her talk describes the personal...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: Deb Sokolow Connects with Guillermo Kuitca
Artist David Schutter has intently studied an Art Institute work by Jean Antoine Watteau, and is making a new painting from memory, evoking, rather than copying, the 18th century image. He is, as...
Audio Lecture: Artists Connect: David Schutter Connects with Jean Antoine Watteau
Painstakingly restored, three relief panels from the left wing of the Gates of Paradise and sections of the door's frieze...
Audio Lecture: The Gates of Paradise: Art and Innovation

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