About Multimedia

Multimedia is an online clearinghouse for the Art Institute's audio and video resources, which include lectures by noteworthy scholars, artists, and writers; curators' overviews of exhibitions; panel discussions from symposia; and behind-the-scenes videos of art installations in the museum.

The following FAQs cover basic information about how to use Multimedia.

What types of resources can be found in Multimedia?
Multimedia contains audio and video files related to the Art Institute and its collections, which can be played from your browser window. The recordings cover a wide variety of topics including art installations, current events, ancient history, scientific examinations, and artists' techniques, among others. There are also interpretive resources directly related to those videos and audio files.

What are interpretive resources?
Interpretive resources can be images, artist biographies, teacher manuals, art historical information, maps, videos, podcasts, lesson plans, interactive games—just about anything! And they're all available online.

Where else can I find interpretive resources?
The resources in Multimedia are only those that relate to the video and audio files. You can search all of our online resources by using the Interpretive Resources Advanced Search, or find more specialized groups of these resources via the Multimedia and Educator Resource Finder advanced searches. We are adding new resources to our website every week, so check back frequently!

What software do I need to play Art Institute Multimedia resources?
To play podcasts/audio files, your Internet browser must be configured to play .mp3 audio files. Most Internet browsers are automatically configured to play this popular audio format.
To watch videos, your computer must have the latest Adobe Flash plug-in installed.
Your computer must also be capable of audio playback through speakers or headphones.

How do I use the tag cloud?
The tag cloud found on the main Multimedia page is a visual way of seeing the most popular topics covered by the resources found on the site. The larger the word, the more resources are "tagged" with that term by Art Institute staff. Clicking on any of the terms will bring you to a listing of all of the resources with that tag. Selecting the "See all tags" link will bring you to a listing of all of the tags used in the entire Multimedia site, with the number of resources tagged with that term in parentheses.

Can I save a personalized set of resources so I don't have to start a search over every time I use the Multimedia site?
Yes, you can save resources to My Collections, a feature that allows you to create online collections of resources and/or artworks, annotate them, and email them to friends, family, or colleagues. If you've already set up a My Collections account, you can add resources to any existing collection or start a new one; if you haven't yet registered, get started today.

Collection Updates

To ensure that your museum experience meets your expectations, check our Collection Updates page to learn about gallery closures and major artworks that may be off view during your visit.

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