Search Online Collections

Enter a term into the keyword field to conduct a search for objects within the Art Institute's online searchable database.

You may also conduct a more narrowly defined search by entering names or words in the other fields listed above.

  • In the artist/culture field enter either the last name of an artist (Picasso, Monet, Hopper) or the name of a culture (Maya, Olmec, Yoruba).
  • In the title field enter the given title - or any word within the title - for a work (e.g. The Old Mill) or the object's name (e.g. desk, bowl).
  • The museum assigns accession numbers to every work in its collection. If you know that number you may enter it in the accession number field.
  • To search by collection category, or by object classification, choose one of the terms from the pull-down list next to each field.
  • If you wish to find only objects that are currently on display in the museum, check the "On Display" box.

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