Art Traditions of the United States

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Works from the Art Institute of Chicago's comprehensive American collection found in this manual include colonial portraiture, sculpture, and landscape art that reflect the young nation in the early...
Teacher Manual: American Art
American Art and Culture: Curriculum Resource Guide presents twenty-five works of art from the collections of the Art Institute. The works are divided chronologically and thematically, but works in...
Teacher Manual: American Art and Culture
Kurma, the Tortoise: The hands represent the head of the tortoise. The thumbs and two fingers represent the tortoise's legs. The dancer's head represents the tortoise's shell.
Video: Demonstration of the Kurma Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Matsya, the Fish: The outstretched thumbs represent the fins of the fish. The raised leg represents the fish's tale.
Video: Demonstration of the Matsya Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Narasimha, the Man-Lion: The left hand represents an animal. The raised thumb on the right hand is a sign that represents man.
Video: Demonstration of the Narasimha Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Parasurama: The left hand is in a fist to show power. The right hand represents the symbol of an ax.
Video: Demonstration of the Parasurama Mudra from Dashavatara Dance
Rama: The left hand with thumb extended represents a bow. The right hand is pulling back the bow.
Video: Demonstration of the Rama Mudra from Dashavatara Dance

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