About My Collections

Attention: The "My Collections" function of this site is scheduled to be phased out later this year. Until then, registered users can still access collections they've created, but it's no longer possible to create new accounts.

Welcome to My Collections at the Art Institute of Chicago!

My Collections is a new feature that allows you to make your own art collections by selecting artworks and adding your own notes about the works. My Collections allows you to save these collections to revisit and share them with your friends.

Getting started with My Collections is easy, just follow the steps below.

1. Create a Profile
Look for the "Log in to My Collections" box below the left sidebar menu. Click on "Register a new user." If you already have a My Collections account, log in using your username and password.
To create a profile, you will need a valid email address where your initial information will be sent for verification. Your e-mail address is not made public. Enter your profile information and click on the "Create new account" button when finished.
2. Log in to My Collections
In the Collections area of the Art Institute of
Chicago Web site, look for the dark gray box below the left sidebar menu entitled
"Log in to My Collections." If this is your first visit, be sure to reset
your initial password.
3. Select works for art from the Online Collection
Find works of art in the online collection and select "Add to My Collections." You can select works of art from any search results pages and from the Object Information pages.
On search results pages, check the "Add to My Collections" box for the objects you want to add. On Object Information pages, click the "Add to My Collections" link.
4. Choose which of your My Collections to add the artwork
Before leaving the web page, select which My Collection to add the work or works. In the dark gray box near the page footer, type in the name of a new or existing My Collection. Click on the update button to add the item(s). The collection appears.
5. Personalize My Collections
Add a description of the collection into the gray box at near the top of your My Collection
or add personalized notes about the artworks. When you share your My Collections, others are able to read your personal comments.
6. Share My Collections
To share your My Collection, choose "View My Collections" from the dark gray box in the left sidebar. Click on "Email collection to a friend" to fill forward the link to your My Collection. You friend receives the web address linking to your My Collection. This web address can also be shared as a link on your Web site, blog or social networking Web site.

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