Let Us Fulfill Stalin's Five-Year Plan!

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Aleksandr Nikolaevich Volkov
(Born Skobelev, 1886; died Tashkent, 1957)
Aleksandr Alekseevich Zharov
(Born Semenovskaia, 1904; died Moscow, 1984)

Let Us Fulfill Stalin's Five-Year Plan!, TASS No. 1403, 1946

1211 x 1278 mm
In river transport we must increase cargo capacity by 38 percent in 1950 over pre-war levels.
We must improve existing river ports and landings, fully mechanize the loading and unloading of river vessels and complete the mechanization of 75% of all loading and unloading operations by 1950; we must equip river ports and warfs with handling marchines (cranes, electric cars, elevators, transporters)

(The law concerning the five-year plan for the recovery and development of the economy of the USSR in 1946-1950)

River management and river routes
Ought to grow and grow with the five-year plan
So that precious cargoes might go
Down the rivers of the USSR without delay.
Ne boltai! Collection, Obj: 206166