Born Baku, Azerbaijan, 1916; died Moscow, 1955

In 1942 Georgii L’vovich Rublev published the play Missing in Action. After World War II, he traveled to Prague with Mikhail Vershinin to write a screenplay about Soviet forces abroad. He was active for the TASS studio in the first months of the war. The highpoint of his career occurred in 1950, when he published two books of propaganda verse. According to the memoirs of actress Tat’iana Okunevskaia, Rublev was also an informer, responsible for the arrests of Vershinin and Okunevskaia, among others, by the Soviet secret police.

Pavel Petrovich Sokolov-Skalia and Georgii L'vovich Rublev. A Scheduled Appearance, September 12, 1941. Capt.Von Schket Poster Collection, RU/SU 2346.1-.5, Hoover Institution Archives.

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