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Overview: Manet's Portrait of Berth Morisot
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An overview of Manet's depictions of Berthe Morisot, with a focus on this delicate watercolor of the fellow artist in an eccentric pose.
Introduction: Degas's Yellow Dancers
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An introduction to Degas's preoccupation with dancers, and a formal analysis of one of his oil paintings dealing with the subject.
Overview: Caillebotte's Paris Street, Rainy Day
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Learn about Caillebotte's large-scale painting of modern Paris and the artist's role among the Impressionists.
Introduction: Cassatt's After the Bullfight
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An introduction to Cassatt's interest in Spanish subjects and an exploration of her matador portrait.
Introduction: Pissarro's The Crystal Palace
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A description of the Crystal Palace and an analysis of Pissarro's painting of the architectural marvel.
Overview: Bazille's Career and Landscape Painting
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An introduction to the artistic career of Bazille, cut short by his death in the Franco-Prussian War, and to his oil study of the rugged landscape outside the village of Barbizon.
Overview: Degas's Ballet at the Paris Opéra
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Explore Degas's pastel of a ballet rehearsal, seen from the orchestra pit of the Paris Opera .
Examination: Morisot's Portrayal of Gardens
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An overview of the history of garden paintings and a look at Morisot's interest in capturing the play of light on the foliage and figures in the garden.
Introduction: Seurat's Surviving Studies for A Sunday on La Gran Jatte
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An introduction to two of Seurat's twenty surviving drawn studies for A Sunday on La Grande Jatte - 1884, 1884-86.
Summary: Manet's Portrayal of People at Parisian Café's
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A look at the role of cafes in late nineteenth-century Paris and Manet's Impressionistic painting of a woman relaxing at one such establishment.

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