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Overview: Van Gogh's The Poet's Garden
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A study of van Gogh's visually and psychologically powerful landscape of a small, enclosed park near his home.
Introduction: Monet's Water Lily Pool
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An introduction to Monet's "water landscapes", paintings of his water garden, complete with Japanese footbridge, that he designed in Giverny.
Summary: Monet's Sandvika, Norway
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A summary of Monet's two-month excursion to Norway and a look at the northern landscape he painted in harsh, winter conditions.
Overview: Cross's Beach at Cabasson
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Read about the artist's Neo-Impressionist painting technique, in which he created decorative surfaces with dot brush strokes.
Introduction: Monet's Captivation of London Weather Effects
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Learn about Monet's fascination with capturing the atmospheric effects of London's fog in his paintings.
Overview: Monet's "Stacks of Wheat" Series
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An overview of Monet's grainstack painting series, executed in 1890 and 1891 with the goal of recording the same objects in different atmospheric conditions.
Analysis: Van Gogh's The Poet's Garden
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An analysis of the artist's painting of an Arles garden, including its emotional and symbolic meaning for van Gogh.
Examination: Comparative Analysis Between van Gogh and Gauguin Paintings
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Learn how Gauguin used his memory and imagination in his painting of four women hurrying through a garden in Arles.
Paul Gauguin's The Arlesiennes (Mistral), 1888
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Great activity suggestions and topics for discussion relating to Gauguin's enigmatic painting of women in an Arles garden.
Examination: Inness's Florida Landscapes
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An introduction to Inness's late work in Florida, and an exploration of the relationship between the artist's spiritual beliefs and his paintings.

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