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Examination: Japanese Influence in Dow's Boats at Rest
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An overview of Dow's painting and the influence that Japanese prints and artistic principles had on his work.
Overview: Monet's Paintings of Wheat Stacks
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Quick facts about Monet's series of paintings of wheatstacks.
Overview: Homer's Depiction of the Sea
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Quick facts about the artist and this watercolor scene.
Overview: Cezanne's Floral Choices in Still-Life Paintings
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A look at Cezanne's floral still life and the balance he achieved between stability and instability, durability and fragility.
Introduction: Robinson's The Valley of Arconville
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An introduction to Robinson, one of the first American artists to paint in Giverny, France and its environs, and to his painting The Valley of Arconville in which he integrated the methods of the...
Analysis: Monet's Iris
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An in-depth look at the aging artist's large-scale painting of the lily-dappled surface of his Giverny pond.
Examination: Renoirs Portrait of Alfred Sisley
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A look at Renoir's portrait of fellow Impressionist Alfred Sisley.
Examination: Gauguin's Polynesian Woman with Children
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An exploration of Gauguin's enigmatic portrait and its possible Christian references and personal meaning to the artist.
Examination: Degas' Woman at her Toilette
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An introduction to one of Degas' late, vibrant pastels of a woman drying herself after a bath.
Overview: Homer's Interest in Documenting New Hampshire Tourism
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An overview of Homer's interest in documenting tourist activity in New Hampshire's White Mountains in the 1860s.

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