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Overview: Bellows's Love of Winter
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A look at Bellows's vivid depiction of skaters in New York enjoying a cold, winter day.
Examination: Capturing Alterations in Nature in Monet's "Stacks of Wheat" Series
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An introduction to some thirty paintings of stacks of wheat that Monet painted in the fall and winter of 1890-91.
Overview: Monet's Artistic Discovery in Central France
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A study of one of two dozen paintings that Monet produced in Fresselines, France, a rugged area with harsh climate that challenged the painter physically and artistically.
Examination: Monet's Poppy Field
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A look at Monet's densely layered composition of wild poppies growing in the grain fields of northern France.
Introduction: Gauguin's Composition in Day of the God (Mahana No Atua)
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A careful study of Gauguin's stylized painting that was inspired by his South Seas experience.
Overview: Cezanne's The Bay of Marseilles, Seen from L'Estaque
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An exploration of Cezanne's culminating painting in his series of views of the Mediterranean from the French seaside town of L'Estaque.
Introduction: Gauguin's Why Are You Angry? (No Te Aha Oe Riri)
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An introduction to Gauguin's intriguing painting of Tahitian women in front of a thatched house. Just like its title, the painting leaves the viewer with questions.
Examination: Monet's Charing Cross Bridge, London
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An exploration of Monet's poetic depiction of London, as seen from a hotel window in the golden light of early morning.
Introduction: Monet's Paintings of Stacks of Wheat
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An introduction to Monet's series of paintings of stacks of wheat near his property in Giverny. Learn how the series is a study not only of weather and light, but also of the passage of time.
Introduction: Monet's "Morning's on the Sienne" Series
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An overview of Monet's Mornings on the Seine series and a look at the artist's ability to capture changing atmospheric and light conditions.

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