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Examination: Sisley's The Seine at Port-Marly: Piles of Sand
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An examination of Sisley's Impressionistic depiction of workers dredging sand from the Seine.
Examination: Guillaumin's The Arcueil Aqueduct at Sceaux Railroad Crossing
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An examination of Guillaumin's painting of a new aqueduct just south of Paris, with its celebration of the railroad and the travel opportunities it offered to the urban middle class.
Overview: Seurat's Unique Painting Process
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An overview of Seurat's painting technique and process for his famous, large-scale painting of Parisians relaxing on an island in the Seine.
Artist Biography: Thomas Wilmer Dewing
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A concise biography of Dewing's life and work.
Introduction: Homer's Depiction of Contemporary American Pastime
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A look at one of five paintings that Homer made of the fashionable pastime from England in which women could compete with men.
Examination: Lautrec's At the Moulin Rouge
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A look at Toulouse-Lautrec's depiction of entertainers and customers, including himself, in a popular Parisian night spot.
Overview: Hassam's New England Headlands
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An introduction to Hassam's efforts to celebrate and preserve "olde" New England at a time of increased immigration and rapid urbanization in America.
Introduction: Boudin's Approaching Storm
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An introduction to Boudin's painting of tourists gathering near changing huts as a storm threatens the Normandy coast beach resort.
Overview: Caillebotte's Paris Street, Rainy Day
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Learn about Caillebotte's large-scale painting of modern Paris and the artist's role among the Impressionists.
Artist Biography: William Merritt Chase
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A concise biography of Chase's life and work.

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