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Overview: Chase's A City Park
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An overview of a group of works from the mid-1880s in which Chase explored the green spaces of New York City.
Overview: Ensor's Career and Figurative Drawing
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An overview of Ensor's artistic career and his figure drawings of individuals engaged in mundane, domestic activities.
Overview: Gonzales' The Milliner
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Explore Gonzales's pastel portrait of a young milliner looking up from a task.
Introduction: Gauguin's Portrayal of Tehamana
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An introduction to the enigmatic portrait of Gauguin's young companion, completed during the artist's first sojurn to the French colony of Tahiti.
Overview: Degas's Ballet at the Paris Opéra
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Explore Degas's pastel of a ballet rehearsal, seen from the orchestra pit of the Paris Opera .
Examination: Morisot's Portrayal of Gardens
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An overview of the history of garden paintings and a look at Morisot's interest in capturing the play of light on the foliage and figures in the garden.
Overview: Sargent's The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Fracatti, Italy
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An overview of Sargent's artistic training and a look at his informal, outdoor portrait of friends at a villa near Rome.
Summary: Manet's Portrayal of People at Parisian Café's
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A look at the role of cafes in late nineteenth-century Paris and Manet's Impressionistic painting of a woman relaxing at one such establishment.
Overview: Homer's Croquet Scene
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A look at Homer's artistic career and his paintings that depict people enjoying the leisurely pastime of croquet.
Summary: Redon's Depiction of Sita
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Quick facts about the dreamlike pastel scene.

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