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Introduction: Cassatt's Influence from Japanese Art
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An introduction to one of Cassatt's remarkable color prints, inspired by Japanese woodblock images and aesthetics.
Overview: Cezanne's The Bay of Marseilles, Seen from L'Estaque
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An exploration of Cezanne's culminating painting in his series of views of the Mediterranean from the French seaside town of L'Estaque.
Examination: Monet's Charing Cross Bridge, London
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An exploration of Monet's poetic depiction of London, as seen from a hotel window in the golden light of early morning.
Introduction: Monet's "Morning's on the Sienne" Series
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An overview of Monet's Mornings on the Seine series and a look at the artist's ability to capture changing atmospheric and light conditions.
Introduction: Monet's Water Lily Pool
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An introduction to Monet's "water landscapes", paintings of his water garden, complete with Japanese footbridge, that he designed in Giverny.
Overview: Degas's The Tub
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An overview of Degas's artistic focus on the female bather, and a look at his small, bronze sculpture of an adolescent girl absorbed in the mundane activity.
Overview: Monet's Later Paintings of Flowers
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An exploration of Monet's late, decorative works of the flowers in his Giverny water garden, in which forms disintegrate into patterns of texture and color.
Overview: Cross's Beach at Cabasson
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Read about the artist's Neo-Impressionist painting technique, in which he created decorative surfaces with dot brush strokes.
Introduction: Monet's Captivation of London Weather Effects
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Learn about Monet's fascination with capturing the atmospheric effects of London's fog in his paintings.
Examination: Redon's Artistic Style and Symbolism
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Learn how this pastel marks the union of two genres within Redon's oeuvre - his floral still lifes and his mystical paintings of boats - while simultaneously marking a bold foray into chromatic...

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