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Overview: Homer's Depiction of the Sea
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Quick facts about the artist and this watercolor scene.
Quick Facts: Munch's The Scream
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Quick facts about the artist's famous image of a scream.
Quick Facts: Caillebotte's Paris Street; Rainy Day
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Quick facts about the artist's large-scale painting of Parisians out and about on a rainy day.
Overview: Sorrolla y Bastida's Career and Artistic Success
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An overview of this Spanish artist's career and an introduction to his sun-drenched scene of two sisters frolicking in the Mediterranean.
Introduction: Potthast's Portrayal of Seaside Recreation in A Holiday
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Explore the American artist's depiction of a sun-drenched day at the seashore.
Overview: Signac's Artistic Career and Painting, Les Andelys, Cote d'Aval
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An introduction to the artist's Neo-Impressionist landscape of a village nestled along the bank of the Seine.
Examination: Degas's Breakfast after the Bath
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An examination of one of Degas's late pastels with the theme of the female toilette, in which a nude is depicted in the act of climbing out of a tub.
Overview: Cassatt's The Child Bath
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An introduction to Cassatt's tender painting of the nurturing and trusting relationship between a woman and child.
Overview: Monet's Artistic Discovery in Central France
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A study of one of two dozen paintings that Monet produced in Fresselines, France, a rugged area with harsh climate that challenged the painter physically and artistically.
Introduction: Gauguin's Composition in Day of the God (Mahana No Atua)
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A careful study of Gauguin's stylized painting that was inspired by his South Seas experience.

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