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Examination: Morisot's Woman at Her Toilette
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A look at the painting's unconventional composition and the artist's subtle palette and feathery brush strokes.
Overview: Chase's A City Park
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An overview of a group of works from the mid-1880s in which Chase explored the green spaces of New York City.
Introduction: Degas's Portrayal of Mary Cassatt
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An introduction to Degas's goals and processes as a printmaker and a look at one of his most technically complex prints of his friend and fellow artist, Mary Cassatt.
Introduction: Van Gogh's The Bedroom
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An introduction to the artist's painting of "absolute restfulness" that he completed in anticipation of Gauguin's arrival.
Artist Biography: Mary Cassatt
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A concise biography of Cassatt's life and work.
Analysis: Laying Foundations for Impressionism in Monet's Art
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Learn how Monet challenged the traditional technical and compositional standards of painting in this unconventional beach scene and lay the foundation for the style that would become Impressionism.
Introduction: Cassatt's After the Bullfight
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An introduction to Cassatt's interest in Spanish subjects and an exploration of her matador portrait.
Overview: Pissarro's Artistic Style and Influences
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An introduction to Pissarro's artistic style and influences, and an examination of his 1866 Salon painting of a plain, winter landscape.
Overview: Courbet's The Valley of Les Puits-Noir
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An overview of Courbet's artistic style and career and an introduction to his rugged landscape of a mountainous gorge.
Overview: Latour's Still Life: Corner of a Table
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An overview of Fantin's painting and artistic influences.

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