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Artist Biography: Henri Edmond Cross
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A concise biography of Cross's life and work.
Examination: Cezanne's The Basket of Apples
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Will the apples fall off the table? Explore the tension between stability and imbalance in this late still life by Cezanne.
Artist Biography: Gustave Courbet
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A concise biography of Courbet's life and work.
Overview: Monet's House at Argenteuil
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An overview of Monet's success in the early 1870s and a look at the artist's sunny depiction of his family at home in the garden.
Examination: Robinson's The Valley of Arconville
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An examination of the American artist's landscape and his transition to the Impressionist style.
Introduction: Sargent's Watercolor Techniques in Workmen at Carrara
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An introduction to Morisot's involvement with the Impressionists and a look at the subjects she selected from her own environment to depict.
Overview: Renoir's Exploration of Color in Still Life Painting
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A look at Renoir's exotic still life and his exploration of color, form, and balance.
Overview: Ensor's Career and Figurative Drawing
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An overview of Ensor's artistic career and his figure drawings of individuals engaged in mundane, domestic activities.
Examination: Pissarro's Woman and Child at the Well
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Share a quiet moment with this domestic servant and child as they rest near a well in the rustic community of Eragny, France.
Examination: Van Gogh's Self Portrait
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An exploration of the lively brushwork and color in van Gogh's intense self-portrait.

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