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Overview: Pissarro's Artistic Style and Influences
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An introduction to Pissarro's artistic style and influences, and an examination of his 1866 Salon painting of a plain, winter landscape.
Overview: Courbet's The Valley of Les Puits-Noir
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An overview of Courbet's artistic style and career and an introduction to his rugged landscape of a mountainous gorge.
Overview: Latour's Still Life: Corner of a Table
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An overview of Fantin's painting and artistic influences.
Introduction: Lautrec's Equestrienne (At the Circus Fernando)
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An introduction to Toulouse-Lautrec's disturbing painting of a circus in Montmartre, part of the dark Paris underworld that the artist knew well and depicted throughout his career.
Overview: Lemmen's Portrait of the Artist's Sister
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An exploration of Lemmen's painting technique and his ability to create a decorative field of color and express his sister's personality.
Introduction: Renoir's Acrobats at the Cirque Fernando (Francisca and Angelina Wartenberg)
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An introduction to Renoir's charming and innocent portrayal of sister acrobats in The Cirque Fernando.
Examination: Degas's The Millinery Shop
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An examination of Degas's striking still-life arrangement of hats and his poignant commentary on the changes in consumer goods production in the late nineteenth century.
Overview: Monet's Breakthrough to Impressionism
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Learn why this painting has been called the "first Impressionist landscape."
Examination: Bazille's Self Portrait
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An exploration of Bazille's penetrating self-portrait.
Artist Biography: Henri Edmond Cross
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A concise biography of Cross's life and work.

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