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Analysis: Laying Foundations for Impressionism in Monet's Art
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Learn how Monet challenged the traditional technical and compositional standards of painting in this unconventional beach scene and lay the foundation for the style that would become Impressionism.
Introduction: Monet's Cliff Walk at Pourville
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An introduction to Monet's sparkling landscape painting of a windy, summer day in Pourville, France.
Overview: Renoir's Two Sisters (On the Terrace)
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An overview of Renoir's technical and compositional masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of spring and the promise of youth.
Overview: Gauguin's Belief in the "Art of Abstraction"
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An overview of Gauguin's imaginative, decorative painting of women caught in violent winds in an Arles park.
Introduction: Homer's The Herring Net
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An introduction to Homer's dramatic painting of two fishermen struggling to haul their catch into a dory during a storm at sea.
Overview: Twachtman's Seasonal Exploration and Depiction of The White Bridge
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An overview of Twachtman's paintings of his Connecticut property and a look at his joyous image of springtime and of human construction in harmony with nature.
Introduction: Boudin's Approaching Storm
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An introduction to Boudin's painting of tourists gathering near changing huts as a storm threatens the Normandy coast beach resort.
Examination: Robinson's The Valley of Arconville
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An examination of the American artist's landscape and his transition to the Impressionist style.
Introduction: Homer's Depiction of Contemporary American Pastime
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A look at one of five paintings that Homer made of the fashionable pastime from England in which women could compete with men.
Overview: Courbet's The Valley of Les Puits-Noir
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An overview of Courbet's artistic style and career and an introduction to his rugged landscape of a mountainous gorge.

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