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Departure of Summer
Man Ray
American, 1890–1976
Departure of Summer, 1914
Portrait of Juanita Obrador
Joan Miró
Spanish, 1893–1983
Portrait of Juanita Obrador, 1918
Sleeping Muse
Constantin Brâncusi
French, born Romania, 1876–1957
Sleeping Muse, 1910
Constantin Brâncusi
French, born Romania, 1876–1957
Wisdom, c. 1908
The Philosopher's Conquest
Giorgio de Chirico
Italian, born Greece, 1888–1978
The Philosopher's Conquest, 1913/14
The Checkerboard
Juan Gris
Spanish, 1887–1927
The Checkerboard, September 1915
Abstraction (Guitar and Glass)
Juan Gris
Spanish, 1887–1927
Abstraction (Guitar and Glass), July 1913
Seated Figure
Jacques Lipchitz
American, born Lithuania, 1891–1973
Seated Figure, 1917
Man with a Pipe
Pablo Picasso
Spanish, worked in France, 1881–1973
Man with a Pipe, 1915
Festival in Montmartre
Gino Severini
Italian, 1883–1966
Festival in Montmartre, 1913

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