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Summer (recto)
William Zorach
American, born Russia (now Lithuania), 1889-1966
Summer (recto), 1913 (recto)
1914 (verso)
Still Life in Interior
Preston Dickinson
American, 1889-1930
Still Life in Interior, 1920/22
Figure in Pink and Yellow
Manierre Dawson
American, 1887-1969
Figure in Pink and Yellow, 1914
Landscape (recto)
Marguerite Thompson Zorach
American, 1887-1968
Landscape (recto), 1911/12
Still Life
Max Weber
American, born Russia (now Poland), 1881-1961
Still Life, 1911
Reclining Torso
Alexander Archipenko
American, born Ukraine, 1887-1964
Reclining Torso, 1922
Woman (Elevation)
Gaston Lachaise
American, born France, 1882-1935
Woman (Elevation), modeled 1912-15; cast 1927
Portrait of Virgil Thomson
Florine Stettheimer
American, 1871-1944
Portrait of Virgil Thomson, 1930
Stuart Davis
American, 1892-1964
Saw, 1923
Ballet Skirt or Electric Light
Georgia O'Keeffe
American, 1887-1986
Ballet Skirt or Electric Light, 1927

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