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Cabin in the Cotton
Horace Pippin
American, 1888-1946
Cabin in the Cotton, 1933/37
Cotton Pickers
Thomas Hart Benton
American, 1889-1975
Cotton Pickers, 1945
Woman with a Bird Cage
Rufino Tamayo
Mexican, 1899-1991
Woman with a Bird Cage, 1941
Train Station
Walter Ellison
American, 1899-1977
Train Station, 1935
Hogs Killing a Snake
John Steuart Curry
American, 1897-1946
Hogs Killing a Snake, c. 1930
This, My Brother
Charles Wilbert White
American, 1918-1979
This, My Brother, 1942
Archibald John Motley, Jr.
American, 1891-1981
Nightlife, 1943
The Artist Looks at Nature
Charles Sheeler
American, 1883-1965
The Artist Looks at Nature, 1943
Strange Worlds
Todros Geller
American, born Russia (now Ukraine), 1889-1949
Strange Worlds, 1928
Doris Lee
American, 1905-1983
Thanksgiving, c. 1935

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