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Women of the Ouled Nayls
Eugène Fromentin
French, 1820-1876
Women of the Ouled Nayls, 1867
Beata Beatrix
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
English, 1828-1882
Beata Beatrix, 1871/72
Portrait of a Woman
Jean Léon Gérôme
French, 1824-1904
Portrait of a Woman, 1851
Cuirassier with Drawn Sword
Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier
French, 1815-1891
Cuirassier with Drawn Sword, modeled c. 1875 (cast after 1891)
Bust of an African Woman
Charles Henri Joseph Cordier
French, 1827-1905
Cast by: Eck et Durand Fondeur
French, 19th century
Bust of an African Woman, 1851
Treasures of the Sea
Hans Makart
Austrian, 1840-1884
Treasures of the Sea, c. 1870/75
Time, Death and Judgment
George Frederick Watts
English, 1817-1904
Time, Death and Judgment, 1866
Anacreon with the Infants Bacchus and Cupid
Jean Léon Gérôme
French, 1824–1904
Anacreon with the Infants Bacchus and Cupid, modeled 1878 (cast c. 1893)
The Defense of Paris
Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier
French, 1815-1891
The Defense of Paris, 1870/71
The Festival
Sir Edward John Poynter
British, 1836-1919
The Festival, 1875

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