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Boy with Pitcher (La Régalade)
Édouard Manet
French, 1832-1883
Boy with Pitcher (La Régalade), 1862/72
Peasants Bringing Home a Calf Born in the Fields
Jean-François Millet
French, 1814-1875
Peasants Bringing Home a Calf Born in the Fields, 1864
Girl with Cherries
Eva Gonzalès
French, 1849-1883
Girl with Cherries, c. 1870
The Marsh
Constant Troyon
French, 1810-1865
The Marsh, 1840
The Storm
Georges Michel
French, 1763-1843
The Storm, 1814/30
In the Auvergne
Jean-François Millet
French, 1814-1875
In the Auvergne, 1866/69
The Valley of Les Puits-Noir
Gustave Courbet
French, 1819-1877
The Valley of Les Puits-Noir, 1868
Beggar with Oysters (Philosopher)
Édouard Manet
French, 1832-1883
Beggar with Oysters (Philosopher), 1865/67
Théodore Rousseau
French, 1812-1867
Springtime, c. 1860
The Keeper of the Herd
Jean-François Millet
French, 1814-1875
The Keeper of the Herd, 1871/74

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