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Le Silence
Auguste Préault
French, 1809-1879
Le Silence, 1842/43
Claude Joseph Vernet
French, 1714-1789
Morning, 1760
Fall of a Cavalier
Antonin Moine
French, 1796–1849
Fall of a Cavalier, 1831
Study of the Head of a Corpse
Charles Emile Champmartin
French, 1797-1883
Study of the Head of a Corpse, c. 1818/19
Head of a Guillotined Man
Jean Louis André Théodore Géricault
French, 1791-1824
Head of a Guillotined Man, 1818/19
David Garrick as King Lear
Richard Westall
British, 1765-1836
David Garrick as King Lear, c. 1815
Head of Medusa
Antonio Canova
Italian, 1757-1822
Head of Medusa, c. 1801
The Gulf of Salerno
Joseph Wright of Derby
British, 1734-1797
The Gulf of Salerno, 1783/85
Milton Dictating to His Daughter
Henry Fuseli
Swiss, active in England, 1741-1825
Milton Dictating to His Daughter, 1794
L'Amazone blessée
Jean-François-Théodore Gechter
French, 1795–1844
L'Amazone blessée, 1839

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