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The Watermill with the Great Red Roof
Meindert Hobbema
Dutch, 1638–1709
The Watermill with the Great Red Roof, 1662/65
An Elegant Company
Pieter Codde
Dutch, 1599-1678
An Elegant Company, 1632
Portrait of a Gentleman
Caspar Netscher
Dutch, 1639-1684
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1680
Portrait of a Man
Arthur Devis
English, 1712–1787
Portrait of a Man, 1763
The Family Concert
Jan Steen
Dutch, 1626–1679
The Family Concert, 1666
Italian Landscape with Travelers
Jan Both
Dutch, c. 1618-1652
Italian Landscape with Travelers, 1645/50
Portrait of Thomas Bulwer
Gerard van Soest
Dutch, c. 1600-1681
Portrait of Thomas Bulwer, 1654
A Mother Feeding her Child (The Happy Mother)
Willem van Mieris
Dutch, 1662-1747
A Mother Feeding her Child (The Happy Mother), 1707
Fishing Boats off an Estuary
Jan van Goyen
Dutch, 1596-1656
Fishing Boats off an Estuary, 1633
The Music Lesson
Jacob Ochtervelt
Dutch, 1634-1682
The Music Lesson, 1671

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