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A Mother Feeding her Child (The Happy Mother)
Willem van Mieris
Dutch, 1662-1747
A Mother Feeding her Child (The Happy Mother), 1707
The Music Lesson
Gerard ter Borch
Dutch, 1617-1681
The Music Lesson, c. 1670
The Family Concert
Jan Steen
Dutch, 1626–1679
The Family Concert, 1666
The Watermill with the Great Red Roof
Meindert Hobbema
Dutch, 1638–1709
The Watermill with the Great Red Roof, 1662/65
Portrait of Thomas Bulwer
Gerard van Soest
Dutch, c. 1600-1681
Portrait of Thomas Bulwer, 1654
Fishing Boats in a Calm
Jan van de Cappelle
Dutch, 1626–1679
Fishing Boats in a Calm, 1651
An Elegant Company
Pieter Codde
Dutch, 1599-1678
An Elegant Company, 1632
Fishing Boats off an Estuary
Jan van Goyen
Dutch, 1596-1656
Fishing Boats off an Estuary, 1633
The Music Lesson
Jacob Ochtervelt
Dutch, 1634-1682
The Music Lesson, 1671
Still Life
Pieter Claesz
Dutch, 1597/98–1660
Still Life, 1625/30

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