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The King Drinks
Jacques Claude Danzel (French, 1737-1809)
after Gillis Van Tilborgh, the Younger (Flemish, c. 1625-c. 1678)
coat of arms etched by Baisiez (French, active in 1764 and 1768)
The King Drinks, 1766
Pastoral Scene with a Shepherdess Milking a Goat
Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem
Dutch, 1621/22-1683
Pastoral Scene with a Shepherdess Milking a Goat, 1665/70
The Village Festival
Cornelis Dusart
Dutch, 1660-1704
The Village Festival, 1685
Fishing Boats in a Calm
Jan van de Cappelle
Dutch, 1626–1679
Fishing Boats in a Calm, 1651
Old Beggar Carrying Child
Simon Troger
Austrian, 1683-1768
Old Beggar Carrying Child, 1735/50
The Bagpipe Player
Nicolaes Berchem, the Elder
Dutch, 1621/22-1683
The Bagpipe Player, 1644–45
A Herb Market, from The Houghton Gallery
Richard Earlom (English, 1743–1822)
after Frans Snyders (Flemish, 1579–1657)
intermediary drawing by Joseph Farington (English, 1747–1821)
published by John Boydell (English, 1719–1804)
A Herb Market, from The Houghton Gallery, 1779
Young Woman at an Open Half-Door
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (Workshop of)
Dutch, 1606–1669
Young Woman at an Open Half-Door, 1645
Portrait of a Lady
Hals, Frans
Dutch, 1582/83-1666
Portrait of a Lady, 1627
Saint John of Nepomuk
Peter Hencke
German, active by 1743 - 1777
Saint John of Nepomuk, c. 1750

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